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Discover The Unique Lifestyle of the Monks in Ethiopia as They Face COVID-19

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, where it has been announced that the survival rate of older people is relatively low, a 114-year-old Ethiopian monk has proved otherwise after beating the virus in June.

Rochen Web Hosting
Traditional culture feature the Krios in Serria Leone
Do you have a contract affected by covid?
Our Care Workers in the time of COVID
Look at our entertainers during COVID Lockdown

Stolen Artifacts Africa heritage

The call continues for European countries to return ALL ancient artifacts which they took from Africa

Love, Life & Relationships

14 Tips for MEN to spice up their romance skills and to please their women, during COVID lockdown

Business & Technology

Share your story with us, if you own a business and let us know how you have been able to manage

we want Fashion

Are you a designer? If you design and manufacture clothing, under ware, jewelry, eyewear, shoes, bags, contact us. We are creating opportunities for designers who are of African descent as we build a Jamii community. 

Explore real stories on how COVID impacted Africans globally in this magazine issue


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This is a fantastic opportunity for me to market my products and get new customers in my country, throughout Africa and even to persons in America, London and the Caribbean. Jamii Magazine is really making me global.
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Deon Sims, Manufacturer

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Focuses on private and public sector business opportunities and learnings from throughout the global marketplace.

Delicious recipes from countries and peoples globally. Learn new dishes and enjoy food in a new way. 

Get the back stories and learn about the sporting personalities you love and support. Learn about upcoming talents and be inspired.

Who are the men and the women who have worked so we can step forward on a solid platform? Connect to find out more.

Sadio Mane tests positive for COVID-19

As the United Kingdom continue to see a rise in COVID-19 cases, our beloved sporting personalities are not speared. Liverpool F.C. player from Senegal, Sadio Mane tested positive.

What is the right type of make-up for your complexation?

African women everywhere through the world, treasure their beauty. There is a popular saying – Black Don’t Crack! This speaks to the way African skin holds firm and succulent, even as age increases. 


Africa For Your next Vacation!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to the African Continent?  Did you know that their are white sand beaches with crystal clear waters? All what you need to know about this beautiful rich space with 54 countries will astonish you!

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